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Vehicles have evolved throughout the years (from sedans, to SUVs, and now the crossover utility vehicle), but have your tires done the same? The NT421Q® is Nitto’s premier all-season tire built specifically for your crossovers (CUV) and SUVs. From style to function, the NT421Q® has been created with the foremost purpose of getting you safely to your destination throughout the seasons. The unique and stylish asymmetric tread design provides a quiet and comfortable ride while delivering all-season traction.

Special Features

  • Nitto’s intelligent maintenance indicators are a service feature that visually show how your tires are wearing. They can also alert you to wear issues before they become big problems.
  • Siping is one of the most important tire technologies for wet and snow traction. Nitto's revolutionary 3D multiwave and 3D Interlocking sipe design provide traction without sacrificing handling.
  • The circumferential rubber shoulder insert adds an additional layer of strength to help you navigate potholes and other adverse road conditions.
  • The NT421Q helps you safely navigate corners because the larger tread blocks on the exterior of the tire provide stability.
  • The NT421Q is an all-season tire that keeps you safely connected to the road in inclement weather. The three wide and deep circumferential grooves improve water evacuation, providing increased wet handling and traction.
  • The inside tread area of the the tire was designed for wet and winter weather performance. The large, open grooves provide lateral water evacuation while the high sipe density increases the number of biting edges contacting the road.
  • No matter if it is rain, shine, or even light snow, the NT421Q helps you arrive safely at your destination. This all-season tire features advanced siping technologies, one of which is traditionally found only on dedicated winter/snow tires. The combination of these sipes, all-season rubber compound, and the water evacuating circumferential grooves on the NT421Q enables your crossover or SUV to truly thrive throughout all the seasons.
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 Size  Speed Rating UTQG Load Sidewall Price (each)  
V 640-A-A 103 BW $138
H 640-A-A 106 BW $154
H 640-A-A 106 BW $156
H 640-A-A 108 BW $160
H 640-A-A 111 BW $168
V 640-A-A 110 BW $175
V 640-A-A 109 BW $199
V 640-A-A 102 BW $162
V 640-A-A 104 BW $177
W 560-A-A 107 BW $173
H 640-A-A 110 BW $182
H 640-A-A 109 BW $183
V 640-A-A 109 BW $188
H 640-A-A 115 BW $211
V 640-A-A 114 BW $188
H 640-A-A 114 BW $200
V 640-A-A 103 BW $222
V 640-A-A 103 BW $222
W 560-A-A 105 BW $213
H 640-A-A 107 BW $217
V 640-A-A 107 BW $209
V 640-A-A 111 BW $225
H 640-A-A 113 BW $216
V 640-A-A 110 BW $256
W 560-A-A 105 BW $239
V 640-A-A 105 BW $202
W 560-A-A 105 BW $204
V 640-A-A 109 BW $216
H 640-A-A 110 BW $211
V 640-A-A 111 BW $199
W 560-A-A 106 BW $228
W 560-A-A 110 BW $201
H 640-A-A 113 BW $261
V 640-A-A 117 BW $206
H 640-A-A 115 BW $229
V 640-A-A 114 BW $253
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