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About Cray Wheels

Cray wheels are designed just for the Corvette. A set of Cray wheels will really spice up your hot rode machine and make everyone look twice as your drive by.

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Buy Cray Wheels from a company that has been in the automotive business since 1985. Buy with confidence from Hubcap, Tire & Wheel. We ship Cray Wheels right to your door ready to mount on your car or truck. Don't forget, to check out our tires because we can also ship custom Cray wheel and tire packages for FREE anywhere in the continental USA. Your Cray Wheels will fit your car or truck guaranteed or your money back, no questions asked !

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Cray Wheels designs and manufactures high performance custom Corvette wheels exclusively for the Corvette owner.

Corvette wheels — large diameters and very wide widths. Our wheels are made specifically for Corvettes — and only for Corvettes. It has always been hard fitting aftermarket wheels on Corvettes. But Cray Corvette wheels change all this. Cray Corvette wheels even accept the original Corvette center cap. Plus, all Cray Corvette wheels take the original Corvette air sensor and are Corvette "hub-centric," ensuring you and your 'Vette the smoothest ride.

Of course, you also know that Corvettes require staggered wheel applications. Cray offers the world's widest range of one-piece, staggered Corvette - specific wheel applications, including 17-, 18-, 19- and 20-inch applications. Cray rims are available in the perfect width for your Corvette, because they're specifically designed for Corvettes.

Cray rims and wheels come in different types of finishes. Some of them include chrome, black, and hyper silver. All of them come with a mirror cut lip.

Search through our wide variety of selections of Cray rims to dress up your ride with a great upgrade that will change the way people view your Corvette as you fly by them on the roads.