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About Dub Wheels

Dub wheels are designed to provide the kind of stylish flare to any vehicle that makes a lasting impression. View our large and diverse selection of famous Dub wheels below. We have every kind of style and finish that will match your custom wheel needs.

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Buy Dub Wheels from a company that has been in the automotive business since 1985. Buy with confidence from Hubcap, Tire & Wheel. We ship Dub Wheels right to your door ready to mount on your car or truck. Don't forget, to check out our tires because we can also ship custom Dub wheel and tire packages for FREE anywhere in the continental USA. Your Dub Wheels will fit your car or truck guaranteed or your money back, no questions asked !

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In our inventory you'll find Dub rims of every finish combination to satisfy your preferences. We also have the famous Dub Spinner wheels that tend to leave onlookers gazing at your wheels as they continue spinning on your motionless vehicle.

Start your search now to find the Dub wheels and rims that will enhance your ride and serve as the perfect complement to your car, SUV or truck.