Awesome service
Fantastic customer service! Definitely going to recommend to all my friends. Thank you guys so much!
Posted by Jake G On 07/01/2016
Great Service
The service , akila is great and know what u need.
Posted by Corey D On 06/24/2016
Nobody could beat the price
Nobody could beat the price on the package he put together for my Lexus. Since buying my wheels and tires from them I bought another car and they changed the wheels at no charge. Today after getting a screw in my tire they patched it at no cost where as Tire Kingdom would not patcch it and told me I need 4 new tires. After patching my tire, I was told that I could get another 3-5 thousand miles out of them easy. I will never purchase tires or wheels from anywhere else as long as I live in South Florida. Thanks for all that you all do!
Posted by Anonymous On 06/24/2016
Tim helped me order some wheels I've been looking for that are hard to find because they are so new. Anyway, their customer service is so phenomenal, that I had to give them a five star review!
Posted by Austin R On 06/23/2016
Worth the money
Tim is awesome the guy that did the work was a knowledgeable pro thanks fellas it was worth the money
Posted by Walter R On 06/23/2016
Professionalism, knowledge and dedication
I wanted to say I was amazed by the professionalism, knowledge and dedication shown by your sales rep Bobby. At times it felt like he was on call for me. Sent me countless options and in all price ranges. Going as far as to text me pics when I wasn't in front of a computer. I will definitely recommend and buy my next set from him. Thank you
Posted by Adam M On 06/22/2016
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Tim was extremely helpful in every way. He knows his sh*t, helped me when others would tell me to Google stuff and read forms, like I hadn't already done that. Just because my truck is very custom others had no idea how to help me. Tim made sure I knew what I was buying and he went above and beyond to help me through my purchase. He also price matched prices that I had found elsewhere. I had a damaged rim because mailman are savage from FL to OH, Tim had a new rim shipping out as soon as we found the damage along with a return shipping label so that I wouldn't be inconvenienced anymore than I was by the damage.. no extra cost to me. I would recommend this company to ANYONE and EVERYONE.
Posted by Jake W. On 04/23/2017
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Ordered a set of DCENTI DW29s you can beat the quality for the price ,very good customer service...
Posted by Glenn H. On 03/17/2017
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Excellent service
Posted by Steve P On 01/08/2017