Custom Wheels

Custom wheels are a perfect way to enhance your vehicles looks and even performance. Let our wheel experts help you find the rims that will fit your vehicle perfectly. We offer a guaranteed fitment or your money back and have stuck to that since we opened in 1985.

Free Shipping

Get fast free shipping on any wheel package or wheel and tire package. That’s right, if you buy four or more wheels or four or more wheels and tires, we’ll ship right to your doorstep for free as long as you’re in the continental U.S.

Truck Wheels

Do you have a heavy-duty or 4x4 and need only the best support, traction, and stability? Superior functionality meets advanced luxury here at Hubcap, Tire & Wheel. Available in various styles, spoke counts, and sizes. We offer finishes like classic Gloss Black, Chrome, awesome Rose Gold, and Candy Reds. Our Truck Wheels can come with Milling, Machining, Chrome Lips, Stainless steel lips or multi-piece built to order wheels. We sell only the most durable, dependable, and industry proven Truck Rims on the market. Designed specifically to hold up against rigorous environments and demanding terrain. Manufactured from forged aluminum for superior strength. Engineered to withstand the pressures of oversized loads and consistent usage.

Dually Wheels

A specialty type of wheel made specifically for heavy-duty and commercial vehicles; Dually Wheels have two tires mounted on each rear axle providing better support and traction over standard trucks with less loading capability. The Dually Rim system disperses the weight of the cargo evenly, reducing pressures on the load capacity and tires. These types of wheels are perfect for towing or hauling heavy loads and increasing braking capacity. At Hubcap, Tire & Wheel we specialize in dually truck wheel applications and can ensure proper fitment. Brought to you in epic designs, especially from our Manufacturers like American Force & Fuel Off-Road.

Jeep Wheels

The Jeep Truck brand is known and respected world-wide due to their unmatched ability to get through rugged and hazardous terrains. Recognized as one of the most widely customized vehicles in the U.S.A, we at Hubcap-Tire-Wheel.Com provide a means of even more customization to achieve your own unique look. Just as well-known are Jeep Wheels, produced specifically to endure the toughest conditions possible for off-road endeavors. Many of these wheels feature original spoke patterns and bead-lock technology. Jeep Rims have been produced with the off-road adventurer in mind. Jeep produces wheels designed for mud and off-road to clear obstacles like muddy paths, sand dunes and rocky trails.