Select the Model for your mazda

Searching out custom rims and wheels for your mazda can be a difficult procedure. We try to make this as easily as possible for you. If you look at the top of all of our web pages we have a wheel search available to give you exact fitments for your mazda. It's very simple. Just enter in your year and model of your mazda and choose the size of wheel you are interested in looking at. Once you make those selections, you'll have wheel packages as well as wheel and tire packages for you to select from. You can choose different tire brands and models with everything priced out right in front of you. You don't have to vigorously search the site for all prices, it's right there. You can also sort the results by color, brand or price to make is as easy as possible to narrow down what you are interested in for your mazda.

Hubcap, Tire & Wheel has been in business since 1985 so you know you're buying quality mazda wheels from a company that has an awesome reputation. We have wheel and tire experts ready to answer any questions you may have. There are no questions too big or too small. Give us a call 800-232-0734. Our business hours are located on our contact us page. When you buy with us online your credit card is not charged. We don't charge your card until we verify what you ordered will fit perfectly on your vehicle. We guarantee every fitment on your mazda or we will give your money back no questions asked. A lot of other wheel companies do not give the guarantee like we do.

We also offer FREE shipping on all mazda wheel packages. If you order four or five wheels, you will get free shipping right to your door as long as you're in the continental U.S. If you are interested in a wheel and tire package, we have free shipping on that as well. Other sites will hide the shipping costs until you are ready to pay. We don't hide anything. Any wheel set or a wheel and tire package, it's free shipping. If you would like to ship to outside of the U.S. just put what you want to buy into our shopping cart and you will get a shipping quote instantly by filling in your location with a postal code (zip code).