22x9 KMC 705 Burst Gloss Black MID

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22x9 KMC 705 Burst Gloss Black MID
22x9 KMC 705 Burst Gloss Black MID
Brand :
KMC wheels
Style :
KMC KM705 Burst
Finish :
Gloss Black
Size :
22 X 9
Offset :
Price : Out of Stock
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About the Manufacturer
KMC wheels are bold and powerful. They project authority on the road and capture the attention of onlookers. Browse Hubcap, Tire & Wheel's impressive KMC selection and find the perfect complement of KMC rims for your vehicle. There is no shortage of different type of finishes, sizes and models to choose from. KMC's line is great of all types of vehicle including cars, trucks, SUV's and Jeeps.

KMC produces some of the best quality wheels you can buy on the market today. Being in the wheel business for a lot of years, they have perfected the engineering and production of wheels. The brand KMC is used in racing cirucuits all over the world and if professional drivers trust KMC, then it should be a no brainer for you.