17x7.5 Motegi Racing 107 Gloss Black/Machined HPO

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17x7.5 Motegi Racing 107 Gloss Black/Machined HPO
17x7.5 Motegi Racing 107 Gloss Black/Machined HPO
Brand :
Motegi Racing wheels
Style :
Motegi Racing MR107
Finish :
Gloss Black/Machined
Size :
17 X 7.5
Offset :
Price : $152 each
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About the Manufacturer
Motegi Racing was conceived to develop the most advanced performance wheels through innovations in design and engineering. Through the development of high-quality wheels, we provide to our demanding customers a product that delivers the ultimate performance in racetracks and street. Our technology and design follows a true philosophy of pure performance, allowing the form of the wheel to follow the function necessary to succeed in different racing environments. Whatever your passion in performance automotive is, Motegi Racing is your partner in the pursuit of authentic performance.