28x10 Borghini BW-29 Black Machined RWD

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28x10 Borghini BW-29 Black Machined RWD
28x10 Borghini BW-29 Black Machined RWD
Brand :
Borghini wheels
Style :
Borghini BW-29
Finish :
Black Machined
Size :
28 X 10
Offset :
Price : $565 each
Financing in 46 States

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About the Manufacturer

Borghini Wheel is a recognized leader in the manufacturing and distribution of high performance aftermarket aluminum wheels for cars, trucks and SUVs. Founded more than ten years ago with our main office in Los Angeles, Borghini Wheel now offers wheel styles for most performance, luxury vehicles and sport truck applications in sizes ranging from 17" to 26" in diameter.

As you cruise into the future with your Borghini Wheel, you can rest assured of riding on the best-engineered and highest quality wheels available for your vehicle. With leading edge designs and state of the art manufacturing techniques, Velocity Wheel remains a dominant force in the custom wheel market. Look for new and exciting Borghini Wheel styles to be added to the product line in the near future.