20x10 XD Series XD122 Enduro Machined REV

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20x10 XD Series XD122 Enduro Machined REV
20x10 XD Series XD122 Enduro Machined REV
Brand :
XD Series wheels
Style :
XD Series XD122 Enduro
Finish :
Size :
20 X 10
Offset :

The 20x10 XD Series XD122 Enduro Machined REV is no longer available.

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The XD Series XD122 Enduro also comes in these sizes:

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About the Manufacturer
XD Series wheels project authority and a bold design element to your car, jeep, truck or SUV. They are designed to attract the gazing attention of spectators. Take a look at Hucap, Tire & Wheel's selection of XD Series rims and wheels to find the perfect accessory that will increase the value and appeal of your vehicle.

XD wheels are one the most popular wheels on the market right now for trucks and Jeeps. At our great low prices, we make it hard to go with any other wheel brands. XD rims are always innovating new styles to keep up with the trends and they do a fantastic job at it. Their top of the line machining equipment and enginners are producing products that are being used in racing circuits across the world. Those same wheels are being offered to you so you know you are getting some of the best wheels around.