Year Make & Model Search Tutorial Guide

1. Find The Year/Make/Model at the top of
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Using Year, Make & Model Search to Find Custom Wheels

All three of these factors are essential in determining what bolt pattern, diameter, width and offset will work with your vehicle. This is especially important because not having proper fitting wheels on your vehicle could lead to vehicle damage or threaten the safety of the passengers.

2. Select Year

Selecting your Vehicle’s Year

Knowing the year of your vehicle is important is because vehicle manufacturers can change the standard bolt pattern and offset of a car or truck model from year to year.

3. Select Make

Selecting your Vehicle’s Make

Knowing the make of your truck or car is essential to buying new custom wheels because not all manufacturers use the same standard of bolt pattern or offset. Some makes are foreign, offroad specific, or only made for highway driving.

4. Select Model

Choosing your Vehicle’s Model

The model of your vehicle is important because vehicle manufacturers will have a main model of car and then potentially, several sub-models of that same vehicle with minor changes. Some of those changes being potentially different bolt patterns and offsets.

5. Select Size

Selecting Your Vehicle’s Wheel Size

If you’re going up in wheel size, your tire’s side wall height will decrease by 5 to 10 percent per inch of wheel height increase.

6. Find Your
Dream Wheels!

7. You Can Search By Brand

8. You Can Search By Finish Color

Going up more than an inch in wheel size?

If you're purchasing with intent of going up much larger in wheel size (example: more than 6 inches) you will most likely need a lift kit to go along with your new rims. With our sales staff that has over a hundred years of combined experience, we will guarantee your fitment and help you get the proper fitting lift kit if you need it.

If no wheel sizes appear for your vehicle or you have a lift kit, please contact us for assistance. We can have blank wheels drilled or custom built to your vehicle’s specs. We also carry over 50+ other custom wheels.