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Starr 717 Full Plate Wheels

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Available Finishes:

Black / Machined


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Buy Starr 717 Full Plate from a company that has been in the custom wheel business for more than 25 years.

Don't forget, to check out our tires because we can also ship a Starr 717 Full Plate wheel and tire package.

Your Starr 717 Full Plate wheels will fit your car or truck guaranteed or your money back, no questions asked.

Call Us at 1-800-232-0734. Free Shipping for wheels and wheel & tire packages in the continental USA!


Starr 717 Full Plate Rim


Size Finish Offset Price (each)  
   18 x 7.5 Black / Machined FWD N/A       Out of Stock
   18 x 7.5 Black / Machined RWD N/A       Out of Stock
   18 x 7.5 Chrome FWD N/A       Out of Stock
   18 x 7.5 Chrome RWD N/A       Out of Stock
   20 x 8.5 Chrome HPO N/A       Out of Stock
   20 x 8.5 Chrome RWD N/A       Out of Stock
   20 x 8.5 Black / Machined FWD N/A       Out of Stock
   20 x 8.5 Black / Machined RWD N/A       Out of Stock
   22 x 8.5 Black / Machined FWD N/A       Out of Stock
   22 x 8.5 Black / Machined RWD N/A       Out of Stock
   22 x 8.5 Chrome HPO N/A       Out of Stock
   22 x 8.5 Chrome RWD N/A       Out of Stock
   24 x 10 Chrome FWD N/A       Out of Stock
   24 x 10 Chrome RWD N/A       Out of Stock
   24 x 10 Black / Machined FWD N/A       Out of Stock
   24 x 10 Black / Machined RWD N/A       Out of Stock
   26 x 10 Black / Machined FWD N/A       Out of Stock
   26 x 10 Black / Machined RWD N/A       Out of Stock
   26 x 10 Chrome FWD N/A       Out of Stock
   26 x 10 Chrome RWD N/A       Out of Stock

More Starr Wheels

112 Risk Chrome

112 Risk Machined Black

113 Reward Chrome

113 Reward Machined Black

130 Renegade Black / Machined

130 Renegade Chrome / Black Accents

150 Ascella Black / Machined

150 Ascella Chrome

288 Spyder Chrome / Black Accents

348 Zeppelin Black / Chrome Inserts

348 Zeppelin Chrome

349 Solja Chrome

349 Solja Machined Black / Chrome Insert

357 Killa Black

357 Killa Black w/ Machined Lip

357 Killa Black/Chrome Inserts

357 Killa Chrome

357 Killa Chrome/Black Inserts

407 Aeron Black / Machined

407 Aeron Chrome

410 Legend Chrome

410 Legend Machined Black/Chrome Inserts

411 Genesis Black w/ Machined Lip

411 Genesis Chrome w/Black Insert

458 Magnum Machined Black

500 Malaga Chrome

500 Malaga Machined Black

501 Marquis Chrome

501 Marquis Machined Black

502 Impact Black Machined Lip

502 Impact Chrome / Black Insert

503 Bucten Chrome

503 Bucten Machined Black

523 Decon Chrome w/Black Insert

525 Venezia Black/Chrome Inserts

525 Venezia Chrome/Black Insert

557 Dynasty Chrome

557 Dynasty Chrome / Black Insert

608 Firehouse Black/Chrome Inserts

608 Firehouse Chrome/Chrome Inserts

611 Scorpion Chrome / Black Insert

615 Rush Black/Chrome Insert

615 Rush Chrome w/ Black Inserts

618 Chubby Black w/ Chrome Inserts

618 Chubby Chrome w/ Black Inserts

619 Slash Black / Chrome Insert

619 Slash Chrome / Black Insert

620 Winger Black w/ Chrome Inserts

620 Winger Black w/ No Inserts

620 Winger Chrome w/ Black Inserts

661 Array Black / Chrome Insert

661 Array Chrome / Black Insert

662 Energy Chrome/Black Inserts

662 Energy Machined Black/Chrome Inserts

663 Bones Black/Chrome Inserts

663 Bones Chrome/Black Inserts

663 Bones Deep Lip Deep Lip Black w/ Chrome Inserts

663 Bones Deep Lip Deep Lip Chrome w/ Black Inserts

664 Medusa Chrome

664 Medusa Machined

717 Full Plate Black / Machined

717 Full Plate Chrome

719 Tusk Chrome

719 Tusk Machined Black

720 Vixen Chrome

720 Vixen Machined Black

770 Hammer Chrome

777 Jackpot Black w/ Chrome Inserts

777 Jackpot Chrome w/ Black Inserts

781 Sith Chrome

809 Chrome

816 Black Diamond Chrome

816 Black Diamond Machined Black / Chrome Insert

843 Goliath Chrome

958 Dominator Black / Machined

958 Dominator Chrome

958 Dominator Machined Black/Chrome Inserts

959 Sidious Chrome / Black Insert

964 Poison Black w/ Chrome Inserts

964 Poison Chrome w/ Black Inserts

Accent Chrome

Accent Machined Black

Aventus 519 Chrome

Aventus 519 Matte Black

Bear 569 Black and Machined

Bear 569 Chrome

Bubba 665 Black Machined

Bubba 665 Chrome

Bush 565 Black w/ Chrome Inserts

Bush 565 Chrome w/ Black Inserts

Cypher 517 Black and Machined

Cypher 517 Chrome

LE1 Black Machined Face/Lip

LE1 Chrome

Legs 561 Black w/ Chrome Insert

Legs 561 Chrome w/ Chrome Insert

LT5 Black Machined Face/Lip

LT5 Chrome

Rebel 560 Black and Machined

Rebel 560 Chrome w/ Black Inserts

Vision Black / Machined

Vision Chrome
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