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P275/70R-16 Pirelli Scorpion ATR

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Size: P275/70R-16
Brand: Pirelli tires
Model: Pirelli Scorpion ATR
Speed Rating: T
UTQG: 520-A -B
Price: $298 each

The Pirelli Scorpion ATR also comes in these sizes:
P225/65R17 Pirelli RB Scorpion ATR 102H
P225/70R16 Pirelli RWL Scorpion ATR 102T
LT225/75R16/8 Pirelli RBL Scorpion ATR 107S
P235/65R17/XL Pirelli RB Scorpion ATR 108H
P235/70R16 Pirelli RBL Scorpion ATR 105T
P235/70R17/XL Pirelli BW Scorpion ATR 111T
P235/75R15/XL Pirelli RWL Scorpion ATR 108T
LT235/75R15/8 Pirelli RB Scorpion ATR 110S
LT235/80R17/10 Pirelli RWL Scorpion ATR 117R
LT235/85R16/10 Pirelli RWL Scorpion ATR 116R
P245/65R17 Pirelli RWL Scorpion ATR 107T
P245/65R17/XL Pirelli RBL Scorpion ATR 111T
P245/70R16 Pirelli RWL Scorpion ATR 107T
P245/70R16/XL Pirelli BW Scorpion ATR 111T
LT245/70R17/10 Pirelli RBL Scorpion ATR 116R
P245/70R17 Pirelli RW Scorpion ATR 108T
LT245/75R16/10 Pirelli RBL Scorpion ATR 116R
P255/60R18 Pirelli BW Scorpion ATR 112H
P255/65R17 Pirelli RBL Scorpion ATR 110T
P255/70R16 Pirelli RWL Scorpion ATR 109T
P265/60R18 Pirelli RWL Scorpion ATR 110H
P265/65R17 Pirelli RWL Scorpion ATR 112T
P265/70R16 Pirelli RWL Scorpion ATR 112T
LT265/70R17/10 Pirelli RWL Scorpion ATR 118S
P265/70R17 Pirelli RWL Scorpion ATR 113T
LT265/75R16/10 Pirelli OWL Scorpion ATR 120S
P275/55R20 Pirelli RWL Scorpion ATR 111S
P275/65R18 Pirelli RWL Scorpion ATR 116H
P275/70R16 Pirelli RWL Scorpion ATR 114T
LT285/70R17/8 Pirelli RWL Scorpion ATR 121/118S
LT285/75R16/8 Pirelli RWL Scorpion ATR 119R
LT305/55R20/10 Pirelli RBL Scorpion ATR 121/118S
31X10.50R15/6 Pirelli RWL Scorpion ATR 109S
LT325/45R24/10 Pirelli BW Scorpion ATR 120S
LT325/55R22/8 Pirelli RBL Scorpion ATR 117S
325/60R20/8 Pirelli RBL Scorpion ATR 118S
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P275/70R-16 Pirelli Scorpion ATR
With a very aggressive symmetrical all-terrain tread design, the new Pirelli Scorpion ATR is designed to optimize ride comfort and treadwear while keeping its all-terrain traction characteristics. Through the technology and experience of Pirelli's Research and Development department, the generation of a new compound provides a quiet all-terrain tread design with superior ride quality.


  • Aggressive symmetrical tread design
  • Wide and flat tread compound
  • Shoulder with radial grooves
  • Longitudinal grooves

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