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255/40R-17 Nexen N3000

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Size: 255/40R-17
Brand: Nexen tires
Model: Nexen N3000
Speed Rating: W
UTQG: 340-AA-A
Price: $133 each

The Nexen N3000 also comes in these sizes:
195/45ZR15 Nexen BW N3000 78W
205/40R16 Nexen BW N3000 79W
205/45R16/XL Nexen BW N3000 87W
215/35R18/XL Nexen BW N3000 84Y
215/50R17 Nexen BW N3000 91W
225/30ZR20/XL Nexen BW N3000 85Y
225/35R20/XL Nexen BW N3000 90Y
225/40R18/XL Nexen BW N3000 92Y
225/45ZR17/XL Nexen BW N3000 94W
225/50R17 Nexen BW N3000 94W
235/30R20/XL Nexen BW N3000 88Y
235/30ZR22 Nexen BW N3000 90Y
235/35R19/XL Nexen BW N3000 91Y
235/40R18 Nexen BW N3000 93Y
235/45R17 Nexen BW N3000 94W
245/30ZR22/XL Nexen BW N3000 92Y
245/35R19/XL Nexen BW N3000 93Y
245/35R20/XL Nexen BW N3000 95Y
245/40R17 Nexen BW N3000 91W
245/40R18/XL Nexen BW N3000 97Y
245/40ZR20/XL Nexen BW N3000 99Y
245/45R17 Nexen BW N3000 95W
245/45R18/XL Nexen BW N3000 100Y
255/30ZR24/XL Nexen BW N3000 97Y
255/35R20/XL Nexen BW N3000 97Y
255/40R17 Nexen BW N3000 94W
255/45R18/XL Nexen BW N3000 103Y
265/30ZR19/XL Nexen BW N3000 93Y
265/30ZR22/XL Nexen BW N3000 97Y
265/35R18/XL Nexen BW N3000 97Y
275/25ZR24/XL Nexen BW N3000 96Y
275/30ZR20/XL Nexen BW N3000 97Y
275/35R18 Nexen BW N3000 95Y
275/40R17 Nexen BW N3000 98W
285/30ZR20/XL Nexen BW N3000 99Y
295/25ZR22/XL Nexen BW N3000 97Y
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255/40R-17 Nexen N3000

Nexen N3000 tires are made for ultra high performance driving. Featuring directional wide aqua groove design, these speed-rated tires resist hydroplaning allowing you to handle wet conditions. With a new shoulder design, this tire improves cornering stability. For high speed driving performance in wet or dry road conditions, the Nexen N3000 is a quiet tire that is designed to last.


  • Arrow center rib design
  • Shoulder design
  • Aggressive type lateral grooves
  • Directional wide aqua groove design


  • High speed driving performance
  • Upgraded cornering stability
  • Anti hydroplaning

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