American Racing Vintage AR500 REV

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15x12 American Racing AR500 Hot Rod Painted Center / Polished Rim REV
Brand :
American Racing Vintage wheels
Style :
American Racing Vintage AR500
Finish :
Painted Center/Polished Rim
Size :
15 X 12
Offset :
Price : $425 each

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The American Racing Vintage AR500 also comes in these sizes:

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About the Manufacturer
Romeo Palamides, an early drag racing innovator,Grandfather of Jet Racing, designed and crafted leading edge, high strength-to-weight magnesium drag racing wheels for his dragster. It was the early years of hot rodding and street enthusiast interest in the lightweight, higher tech wheels was overwhelming. Romeo's vision, working from Jim Ellison's small machine shop in San Francisco with engineering innovator Tom Griffith, evolved into America's leading aftermarket wheel company. In 1956, they formed American Racing Equipment