1993 Chevrolet Caprice

Chevrolet Caprice 1991-1996, Low Profile Horizon Grille - Silver.

Also fits 1983-86 PONTIAC Parisienne with modification.

All E&G grille frames and mesh inserts are made of stainless steel, to prevent corrosion and to make them stay beautiful over the years. The frames are precision fabricated in stainless, rustproof steel, using cutting edge technology. They are finished in either mirror polish of the stainless steel or by chrome plating it. The intriguing glow of the Black Ice mesh is created by electrolytic plating of the stainless steel mesh with black chrome.

Our Price: $614

Customize up your Chevrolet Caprice with a stylish custom grill. Grilles are one of the first things noticed on a vehicle. Don't keep your Chevrolet Caprice the same as everyone elses. Everything from stainless steel grills to grille overlays. Hubcap-tire-wheel.com provides a variety for your Chevrolet Caprice grill needs. Choose from grille brands CCI, E&G, Lexani, Asanti and many more. Don't forget, we have FREE shipping for any of your Chevrolet Caprice grills.

Put your Chevrolet Caprice vehicle ahead of all the other stock Chevrolet Caprice to help you get noticed with a brand new Chevrolet Caprice grill today.

Chevrolet Caprice
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